Violet and Luci spent some quality time with my Ass Kicker paddle during our Saturday Spankday. I have to thank my partner in crime otknow for putting this day together.

Oh although Violet has some history with the Ass Kicker she took it like a warrior. 

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Victims Of Religion

I have never said what the fuck more to any single post in the history of tumblr,


While most of these are horrible— I discount the last one. The majority of these, the people did not have a choice. The last one, the boy chose. Not his family, himself. And while we may not agree with his reasoning, or believe the same things, everyone has a right to their own god or lack thereof and religious choices. He made his own.

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Thug’s Passion Excerpt: My Girl’s Girl


Jo Jo sighed a nervous breath, bracing himself for what was bound to happen. With Passion overseas and he and Jasmine vulnerable on E, it would be hard to resist the inevitable moment of seduction. But right now he was more anxious than Ginuwine, fueled by insatiable lust, driven by the complex combination of drugs, which seemed to be controlling his ambitions and desires.

Mesmerized by the music, Jo Jo grooved while watching Krystal taunt the crowd on stage. He didn’t think much of her on first sight. She was decent. Cute face. Petite figure. Not enough ass to satisfy his craving for cheek meat. But right now she looked hot. Smoking fuckin’ hot! Perhaps it was the club’s intricate lighting configuration that brought this revelation out of him, it’s bright array of hues and their psychedelic hinge. Or maybe it was Miss E either deceiving or opening his eyes. Yeah, that was more likely it.

“Whoa!” Jo Jo shivered as condensation from the ice cold glass rolled down his neck. It caught him off guard, but the feeling was sort of tantalizing in a weird way.

“JB cool?” Jasmine stood behind him with two glasses of triple-shotted whiskey in both hands.

“That’s cool. Anything’ll do right now.”

“Alright let’s go.”

“What?” Jo Jo looked up at Jasmine, baffled.

“You wanna smoke don’t you?”

“Oh yeah.”

Jasmine grabbed him by the hand and led the way towards the rear of the club. Jo Jo couldn’t avoid locking sight on her jiggling bottom, which craved for onlookers while smothering the thin pink string between it. Though his vision was blurred and a scrambled all to hell, the X enhanced what needed enhancement, so that ass looked toothsome enough to be his main course for the evening. He was suddenly hit with a vividly sharp image that saw him lightly grinding his teeth into it.

Tom’s crew finally completed their construction of the new dressing room. The old one would soon be used as a bigger and better V.I.P. area. It was quite obvious that renovation was underway as drywall, wood pieces, and miscellaneous tools were scattered about. But with the ulterior motives Jasmine had up her sleeve, this secluded little area would serve just fine.

“Damn,” said Jo Jo, staring around the room. “What the fuck happened in here?”

“Tom makin’ this the new V.I.P. room. Jasmine snapped a short skirt around her waist and spoke, “So you don’t be all riled up.”

“Yeah right,” Jo Jo returned. “Yo ass still hangin’ out that muthafucka.”

Jasmine turned and cupped both her cheeks. “Well I can’t help all that. Least you can’t see all of it. Leave somethin’ to the imagination.”

“Uh huh.” Jo Jo had to find something to divert his mind from the jelly like bottom before him. He couldn’t just dive right in no matter how tempting and refreshing this pool of pussy appeared. Something told him to proceed with caution, think back to that night when Passion and Jasmine Punk’d the fuck out of him. Shit, those slick bitches might have been setting a trap. Passion might have been waiting to catch Jo Jo with more than his hands in the cookie jar.

Will Jo Jo take the bait? Find out in Thug’s Passion!

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The Crystal Ship. Is being filled. A thousand girls. A thousands thrills. A million ways to spend your time, when we get back, I’ll drop a line!

Thug’s Passion Excerpt: Girl Talk

Passion turned to Jasmine with concern scripted across her flushed face. “You think I shouldn’t do it? Am I goin’ out like a hoe?”

Jasmine smacked her lips and replied, “Girl, please. I woulda been on that shit for a lot less. Hoe ain’t nothin’ but a adjective. You betta go put it on that nigga.”

Passion smiled and turned back to the mirror. It was apparent that Jasmine would be encouraging in any situation. She just couldn’t wait to get it over. Five thousand dollars for a night of Passion, pun highly intended. Not bad at all through her glossy eyes. On the plus side, Tiko was a seasoned stud with exciting things going for him. Shouldn’t take too much to get her kitty motor revved up. All she needed was a drink or two and some good smoke. Hopefully Tiko liked to go down. That would loosen her up quickly. But having paid for the puddy, and her already cashing the check, which was as legit as 2pac’s death, he’d think he owned it for the night. What if he had a maddening ass lust like Jo Jo? The thought of parting ways with her divine anal virginity hadn’t even crossed her mind. Oh shit!

“I’ma scare him away with this big ass zit on my face,” Passion pouted. That tiny pimple had mutated into a huge cocoon that now stood out in sharp, 3D vision.

Her sight still fixated on Passion’s bottom, Jasmine returned, “Just stick yo ass in his face. He’ll be alright. Trust me. That dude ain’t giving a shit about no pimples.” She placed a joint in between her dark lips, disregarding Tom’s pleas of obeying the drug policy. “When the last time you made five thousand dollars in one night? Shit, when the last time you made five thousand dollars in a week? I know the money here decent, but come on.”

She was absolutely right. This wasn’t the chance of a lifetime, but a pivotal rung in life’s ladder nonetheless. Indeed, Passion’s ambitions were based purely on greed, but so was the foundation of the very soil she walked on. She lived in a country, a city, built on deceit, corruption, and the manipulated blood of the foolish. Passion had no intentions of leaving her man. She loved Jo Jo with all her heart. He was everything. Her holy grail. Tonight would be a one night stand. Hit it, quit it, and break bread with mines. Yeah. She could do it …

Go deeper with Thug’s Passion.